Tamás Szabó stiže u Skradin!

7. lipnja 2020.

Prva inozemna najava dolazi nam iz Mađarske.
Riječ je o Tamasu Szabi koji će u Skradin dovesti svoj BMW E36 M3!

“My car is a BMW E36 M3 roundabout 400HP, Samsonas sequgearbox, RaceABS, ApRacing brake. Car was designed and built for circuit tracks but when it was „finished“( it will never be finished) last spring I decided that I will race in Hillclimb competitions. The reasons were: very nice places, very exotic racecars, very familiar and a lot of supporter who loves these cars and drivers.”

“After 2 races last year in Austria in winter we made a lot of modification in the car to be state of art for Hillclimb. Suspension, gear ratio, steering, and TC was the most important because the car was too stiff and had too much topspeed which was not used on the hill.

My expectation is to make smile on the face of my very good friend Bongo (Istvan Kavecz) who can not participate, but he invited me more times to Croatia Hillclimb.”

Tamás Szabó (HUN)

Welcome Tamas!

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